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The New Ten Commandments of UCC Filing

in Land Recording Offices Under Revised Article 9

  1. File UCC financing statements in land recording offices where the collateral is located only for fixtures, timber to be cut, and as-extracted collateral.
  2. Only use the national standard forms and addendum’s.
  3. Include legal description of property, property address – and property identification number if required – on the national standard financing statement addendum.
  4. If the debtor is not the property owner, enter the record owner name(s) on the national standard financing statement addendum.
  5. Check the proper boxes in items 6 and 13 on the national standard financing statement and addendum.
  6. On all amendments – defined to include any changes, continuations or termination’s – check box 1b, and repeat the type of collateral (fixture, etc.) and the legal description from the initial financing statement, if required by the recording office.
  7. On all amendments, enter the recording number (book and page, etc.) and date of the initial financing statement, and repeat all debtor, secured party and record owner name(s).
  8. Include the proper fee for recording and indexing the filing as if it were a mortgage.
  9. Recording offices may require one or two acknowledgement copies in addition to the original forms and attachments.
  10. Always include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

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